As I relaxed and watched the stars twinkle through the foliage above, a deep growl, inches from my head, sent a jolt through my whole body… … More Ruins



He ran screaming and crying into his parent’s room, slammed the door shut, and jumped on their bed, shaking them to wake up. They didn’t move. … More Vacuum

Baldr Mine

Treasure hunters reported following a man dressed as a prospector who disappeared around a bend in the trail and then reappeared further up the mountain almost instantaneously. Terrified, they ran for their lives. … More Baldr Mine


I awoke to someone calling my name. Groggy, I immediately called back saying, “I’m here, I’m here.” I sat in silence and listened for my name. Nothing. Maybe I was dreaming. … More Citadel


I hurried to the end of the corridor and just as I put my hand on the heavy opaque glass door into the Library, I heard a long creak behind me. … More Creak